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Terms And Conditions

InCaM is devoted to assuring the privacy of its users. It collects the information of its visitors which include IP address, browser type, domain names, access times and referring addresses. By entering into InCaM website, the visitor gives indirect consent to the policies and practices described in this Statement. And these information are processed for better service provided besides maintaining quality service and security management as per situations demand.

Assemblage and Preservation of Information

InCaM assembles visitor's personal information like name, email, address, telephone number, date of birth, and other descriptions to identify an individual. When that individual accesses InCaM's site, InCaM does not request that personal information again. However, if not registered one cannot reach specific service pages of IncaM.

InCaM believes in knowledge retention which is a life-long process like career choosing. Therefore, it accumulates all kinds of information to serve you better. Beside individual has full right to delete the resume at any time and can enrich CV as well.

Confidentiality and Security

InCaM favors CV as a very personal paper and requires you to have full control over its spectators and whether or not.

  • When anyone applies to jobs through InCaM, his/her resume in his InCaM account and any other information that he unveiled during his job applications will be made available to the companies he is applying for.
  • One may eliminate his/her CV from the searchable database at any time from the "Delete Resume" option.
  • If any recruiter is found to be breaching InCaM's terms and conditions, then they will be immediately terminated from using InCaM's services.

Email Resume

Email Resume provision offers facility for InCaM's account holder to email his/her featured resume to the employer with a message.

Job Mail Service

The Job Mail Service matches job seekers' necessities and qualifications with the advertised vacancies of InCaM's websites. Job seekers' necessities are distinct by his/her chosen conditions which can be used to express job titles, skills, organization types etc.

E-Mail Notification Services

If any individual job seeker subscribes to the Email Notification service of InCaM, then they are notified if InCaM can match their demand and company's requirement. These notifications are sent via email address used for opening InCaM's account. One can subscribe and unsubscribe these services by following the protruding instructions stated in the notification.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

Some of InCaM's Web pages apply "cookies" and other tracking technologies to collect information about Web website activity. Some cookies and other technologies may assist to recollect Personal Information beforehand specified by a Web user. Most browsers permit the job seeker to regulate cookies, counting whether or not to receive them and how to eradicate them.

One may set most browsers to inform him/her if he desires to have a cookie, or he may select to block cookies with his browser, but please note that if one chooses to remove or block cookies then he will require to re-enter his original user ID and password to enter to some definite parts of the Web website. InCaM uses cookies and other trailing technologies for improving the overall services and web experience. InCaM may also scrutinize information that does not comprehend personal information for trends and statistics.


InCaM uses lots of apparatuses (encryption, passwords, and physical security) for protecting personal info against illegal access and revelation.

Revision and updates

InCaM regularly revises and up-to-date its privacy policy and publishes deviations to the policy at its website.